Winter Soiree by the Pool

Winter Soiree by the Pool

One of the wonderful things about living in Texas is that winter doesn’t always mean winter, even in December.  Yesterday, it was 80 degrees, today it’s 40 degrees. Tomorrow, it will be 60. That’s part of the fun! So, why not capitalize on the weather and create a magical winter soiree by the pool!

We’ve gathered ideas from a few folks to give you 5 ideas to creating a festive, memorable party:

Winter Soiree Idea #1: Let it Snow!


Winter in Central Texas usually only means snow once every few years. This means you can create a magical experience by adding snow to your backyard paradise. So, head over to your nearest WalMart or other favorite store and grab some fake snow. To take it to the next level, add a snow machine to the mix. You can rent or purchase one, depending on your budget.


Winter Soiree Idea #2: Light Up the Night!


Your swimming pool provides an incredible opportunity to enhance your soiree with the magic of LED lights. Create your winter holiday experience with LED lights that will give your backyard that added joie de vivre.


Winter Soiree Idea #3: Float Your Way to Fun!


Whether you’re adding Santa, a dreidel, or floating candles, using your swimming pool as a blank canvas for floating decorations is a great way to enhance your winter wonderland.

Want to make your own Floating Santa pool decoration? It’s easier than you think, but of course, you’ll need a few things to do it:

  • Santa costume
  • Santa beard
  • White gloves
  • Boots or shoes (black)
  • A hat
  • A few bags of newspaper and magazine for stuffing
  • Floating pool bed

Once you’ve gathered the materials for your floating Santa, stuff the Santa costume to give it a human shape, then lay it out on the inflatable. Adjust the stuffing to change the pose. Next, stuff the gloves, and add them along with the boots. Last add the beard to the head area, then drape the hat over where the face would be.

Thanks to Medallion Energy for this great idea and DIY instructions!


Winter Soiree Idea #4: Add a Magical, Musical Touch!


It’s easy to get busy and not consider the sounds that will create a lovely backdrop for your winter soiree. Plan in advance for the kind of music that will add just the right touch! Whether you’re all about “All I Want for Christmas Is You”,”It’s Beginning to Look a Lot like Christmas”, or “Hanukkah, Oh Hanukkah”, it’s important to preplan the musical experience.


Winter Soiree Idea #5: Join Your Soiree!


Sometimes party hosts are so focused on hosting that they forget to join the party. So, our suggestion for you is that you get everything prepared in advance so that you can have fun at your winter soiree.

What fun party ideas or traditions do you have for winter? We want to know!


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