Top Fall Tips for Keeping Your Pool Clean

fall pool cleaning

Top Fall Tips for Keeping Your Pool Clean

Dip Into Fall in Central Texas

As the temperatures start to dip and you pull your jeans out of the back of your closet, it’s important to consider the needs of your pool. While cooler weather might mean you’re spending less time splashing around in the water, it doesn’t mean you can simply abandon your pool for the season.

Here are our top tips for pool cleaning in Austin this fall.

General Pool Cleaning and Maintenance

Even when you’re not spending time in your pool, it still needs regular maintenance. Over the fall and winter, you should continue your normal pool maintenance routine for Austin.

An Austin pool maintenance routine should include some of these items below, just to name a few:

  • Checking and balancing chemical and chlorine levels
  • Run pool vacuum to clean any debris from the bottom of the pool
  • Emptying pool baskets

Fall might also encourage you to do some seasonal pool maintenance, such as:

  • Cleaning grime from pool tiles
  • Cleaning and fixing any damage to the pool deck
  • Cleaning pool filter

Keeping up with your usual maintenance schedule and completing seasonal maintenance tasks ensure that your pool stays pristine and functional for many years to come. And, it doesn’t have to fall all on your shoulders. Our team provides comprehensive pool maintenance year-round.

Clean and Store Pool Accessories

When you know the cool weather has come and no one will be swimming in the pool anymore, it’s time to pick-up, clean, and store all pool toys, floats, and accessories. Cleaning and storing pool accessories ensure that they’ll be ready for fun when summer comes back around.

Leaves and Debris in Pool

One of the biggest seasonal maintenance tasks for fall is leaf removal. Unfortunately, this isn’t a one-time maintenance task.

As the leaves fall out of the trees and onto your yard, inevitably, many will fall into your pool. Not only are the leaves in your pool an eyesore, but they can also cause staining on the bottom of the pool and create the right environment for algae to grow.

Removing leaves from your pool includes regularly cleaning skimmer baskets, using a leaf net to skim leaves off the top of the water, and using a pool sweep to catch anything you’ve missed. Make sure to empty the pool sweep’s collection bag more often as the leaves will build up quickly.

If you find yourself no longer using your pool and constantly on leaf removal duty, consider a pool cover to keep your pool free of leaves all season long.

Clean Pool Filters

After a long Austin summer of swimming in the pool combined with the leaves falling from the trees and collecting in your pool, fall is the perfect time to clean or change your pool filters.

To ensure that your pool filters work optimally, it’s important to regularly clean or replace them.

Check the Chemistry

As the air temperature drops, so does the temperature in your pool. This seasonal change means it’s time to make an adjustment to how you treat your pool. Monitor the pH and chemical levels in your pool to note any changes. Water test kits or strips are everything you need to monitor the chemical levels in your pool.

Regularly monitoring your pool’s chemical levels helps you to avoid cloudy water, corrosion, scale, and other types of pool damage.

Consider a Shock
If your pool is prone to cloudy water or algae, consider giving it a shock. Shocking your pool is a seasonal maintenance task that can speed up the cleaning process and give your pool a clean slate. Shocking your pool simply means using a higher concentration of chemicals.

Cover Your Pool

If you want to limit the amount of maintenance your pool needs throughout the fall and winter and aren’t planning to swim during those seasons, you can cover your pool.

While purchasing a pool cover is an investment, it can lower the amount of routine maintenance your pool needs and improve the safety of your pool during the colder months.

The transition from summer to fall in Austin means a few extra pool cleaning and pool maintenance steps. By following these pool maintenance steps, you can ensure your pool stays clean throughout the fall and looks great for when those summer temperatures come back around.

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