Top 5 Smartphone Swimming and Pool Apps

Top 5 Smartphone Swimming and Pool Apps

At Crystal Clear Pools & Spas in Austin, we believe there is no substitution for trained and licensed pool cleaning professionals. However, we found five smartphone apps that provide interesting information for both swimmers and pool owners, as well as helpful tips to utilize between our cleaning services:

1) FitVideo Swimming: This App offers video tutorials of swimming strokes, drills, and workouts. FitVideo also allows you to chat within the application and share thoughts, techniques, and other tips with other users.

2) Swim University: This app provides content and tutorials on subjects such as pool & spa, filter & cleaning, as well maintenance. Here you will find the following categories:
– Swimming Pools
– Hot Tubs & Spas
– How-to-Videos
– Buying Guide

3) Pool Calculator: While there is no replacement for a certified pool professional – the “Pool Calculator” app will help you to balance the chemistry of your pool water between services.

4) Pool Genius: This intuitive app will help you weigh the pros and cons of a salt vs. chlorine pool system. Additionally, it has a pool volume calculator and tips for maintenance and renovation projects.

5) Pool Doctor: This app will assist you with your chlorine, bromine, salt, pH, total alkalinity, and calcium hardness. It will also display readings that apply to your pool type and will save treatment records.

While these apps can be fun and informative, it’s important to call an Austin in ground pool professional. At Crystal Clear Pools and Spas, we do more than maintenance and repair – for over 15 years, we have specialized in:

-Plaster and aggregate surface renovation
-Modifying design and layout
-Deck removal and replacement
-Adding lighting, diving boards, and slides.
-Plumbing and equipment installation
-Tile renovation

Take all of the guess-work out of maintaining your pool and contact us today!

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