Take Advantage of Your Pool Area

Take Advantage of Your Pool Area

While we’re all adjusting to staying at home, think about how your pool area can help expand your shelter-at-home possibilities. Your pool area can be a sanctuary, a playscape, or even a spa. We encourage you to incorporate your pool into your daily activities to add some sun and relaxation!

Here are some suggestions:

The big idea: enjoy your pool area!

It is a wonderful time to take advantage of your pool area. Especially given the nicer weather coming up, get some much needed Vitamin D by bathing in the sun. If you’re busy working, take occasional breaks by heading to a chair by the pool and read a good book. For meals, plan to eat a few meals a week by the pool. Make it even more fun by grilling outside. If you’re missing someone, call them by the pool and fill them in on fun, new outdoor activities you’re doing. Don’t forget, if you have a spa area, use this time to give yourself a much needed relaxation day! The opportunities are endless.

Hang out with the kids.

Your children are home with you and the inside walls may be shrinking. Why not take advantage of your pool area by doing some indoor activities outside? For school, try homeschooling by the pool. Put a blanket or pool towel on the grass and get to a fun day of teaching! If the kids are begging for a break, play some games by the pool. Maybe even get them to do some yard work, if it’s needed. (When life is back to normal, they may be glad they earned some $$ for something special – a little extra motivation?) Your pool area is already a fun place for your kids to swim in. Make it even more fun by doing other activities outside.

Spend time (or don’t) with your significant other.

You’re home with your significant other. If you’re looking for some time together, take advantage of the pool area! With nice weather on the horizon, your pool area could be a perfect place to set up a nice dinner. On the flip side, if you’re looking for some needed space, schedule some individual working time outside by the pool and let the fresh air calm your mind.

What’s important is to take advantage of your pool during these challenging times to give you and your loved ones relaxation. Whether you want to meditate, sing, stretch, do yoga, read, or swim, your pool area is your haven. Enjoy it!

Crystal Clear Pools and Spa is always here to keep your pool and spa crystal clear and safe for you and yours. If your pool and/or spa needs some tweaking, give us a call at (512) 339-9304. We’ll be happy to take care of you. In these difficult times, our goal is to make your lives a little easier and your pool a little better.


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