Swimming Pool Pump Maintenance

Swimming Pool Pump Maintenance

When it comes to maintenance and repair of your swimming pool pumps, chances are you leave it up to the pros.  Not a bad idea considering the many delicate intricate parts that make up a swimming pool pump. That said, we here at Crystal Clear Pools and Spas of Austin, Texas have compiled a few handy tips you can use to keep your swimming pool cleaning, service and repair needs at a minimum.


Know Your Swimming Pool Pumps


In the world of swimming pool service and repair, we like to think of swimming pool pumps as the heart of your pool, circulating crystal clear pool water all year round.

Most swimming pools today use self-priming centrifugal pumps. That means (in a nutshell) that the pump uses a vacuum to circulate water throughout your swimming pool, and is able to prime itself by keeping full or partially full of water whether the pump is active or not.  The mechanical details are less important that being able to identify and effectively troubleshoot problems that may arise in your swimming pool pump. Go swim — leave the mechanics to the pros.


Common Swimming Pool Pump Issues


Swimming Pool Pump Running Hot

If you notice your swimming pool pump running a bit hotter than usual, it’s not just the scorching Austin, Texas weather (albeit somewhat likely). The problem could be due to a lack of sufficient power being supplied to the pump. Just as the human heart requires a healthy balanced diet to run at optimal levels, your swimming pool’s pump needs enough energy to run cool. Check your pump’s wires and make sure they match up with the manufacturer’s size requirements.  In cases of city-wide power shortages, due to a heat-wave for example, shut down your pool pump until the weather cools down and energy demands are lower.

Bubbles in your Swimming Pool

Look around you — are you in 3-5 feet of warm water, holding a bottle of champagne and feeding strawberries to your loved one? If yes then you are relaxing in a spa and the bubbles are just part of the show. However, if you notice bubbles shooting from your swimming pool’s jets, you may want to check the gasket or strainer cover on your swimming pool pump as they may be loose or damaged and will require quick service or repair.


“Low Pressure” or Priming Issues

Low pressure issues in swimming pool pumps are commonly caused by clogged return lines, filters or damaged impellers. How do I check the imepller you ask? Easy — shut down your pump, remove the basket and feel around in the suction hole for any cracks or breaks.



When In Doubt — Call an Expert


If the root of your swimming pool pump’s problem isn’t immediately obvious, contact your local swimming pool pro, or our experts at Crystal Clear Pools and Spas. We’ll make sure your swimming pool pump is in good shape so you can focus on more important things, like perfecting your backstroke.

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