Will a Swimming Pool Fit in My Backyard?

Will a Swimming Pool Fit in My Backyard?

“Will a swimming pool fit in my backyard?” This is a question we’re asked a lot at Crystal Clear Pools and Spas. While some backyards don’t appear to have the space, we believe that anyone can have the backyard oasis of their dreams. And, there’s nothing like escaping the Central Texas heat in your very own backyard swimming pool. We don’t see problems, we see opportunities to make backyard dreams come true. This blog post features two swimming pool fit opportunities. The first describes how we build a swimming pool on the side of a hill. The second shares our custom solution for building a custom swim spa.

Making a Swimming Pool Fit On the Side of a Hill

Right now, we are building  a swimming pool on the side of the hill. For those of you unfamiliar with City Park Road in Austin, Texas, it’s a breathtakingly beautiful area with incredible views. It’s also very hilly. And, many homes in the area don’t have backyards. As a result, “backyards” are a trees, brush, and downward slopes. While one person may look at a non-backyard backyard as impossible, we start planning to make a homeowner’s backyard dreams come true. With the combination of enthusiasm for what we do, creativity, and elbow grease, we see the possible in the impossible.

Here are some pictures of the pool on the side of the hill. It’s currently under construction and we’ve been taking drone footage to document our progress.

This picture is an aerial view from the day we plastered the pool.

Check back in with us to see the finished swimming pool! It will be ready by the time the temperature heats up!


Making a Swimming Pool Fit by Installing a Swim Spa

Some homeowners come to us to install a swimming pool in a smaller space. They’re looking for their own special space to swim laps. So, that’s when we talk about installing a swim spa. Swim spas allow swimmers to swim continuously against the water current. The current keeps you swimming without having to remember how to do a flip turn at the wall or turn around, as you might in a traditional swimming pool.

These pictures show the swim spa’s custom plumbing solution.

We loved putting the pieces of the puzzle together to create the swim spa these pool owners have always wanted!

Don’t Wait – Call Today!

If you’ve been wondering about swimming pool fit and whether you can get a swimming pool in your unique backyard space, give us a call. We’d love to find creative solutions so we can make your backyard dreams come true.

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