Swimming Inspired (last minute) DIY Halloween Costumes

Swimming Inspired (last minute) DIY Halloween Costumes

Halloween is here and you’ve been so busy that you need to figure out a Halloween costume. What next? Crystal Clear Pools and Spas has great, easy-to-put-together, swimming inspired Halloween costumes that will get you (and your little ones) ready for Halloween fun. We searched high and low and have found some great Halloween costume ideas, if we do say so ourselves.

Halloween Scuba Diver

Whether this is for your or your little one, this is a pretty quick DIY option that’s fun, simple, and comfortable. Instructions for our Halloween scuba diver and octopus are from Greta at Picnics in the Park. Additional instructions and a materials list may be found here.

These are Greta’s modifications:

Here are most of the materials I used. They called for silver sponges, but since the store I was at didn’t have any, I just got regular ones and spray painted them.
I also used a wide band of elastic for the belt and thin elastic for the straps which held on the scuba tank. I used a small strip of Velcro to attach both ends of the belt together. Lastly, I used reflective tape around the scuba tank and on the belt. I thought it looked better than the plain black they recommended.

After I spray painted the 2 liter soda bottle and the sponges, I used the hot glue gun to attach the sponges to the belt. That was a lot easier than the way the directions say to do it. I also hot glued the reflective tape to the bottle and the belt.

To make the straps for the tank, I just cut 2 strips of elastic and hot glued them to the tank, backpack style.
The rest of the costume was just black leggings, a black, hooded sweatshirt, safety goggles, and the tube from an old pump we had. It was all stuff we had, except for the leggings.

Halloween Octopus

This is a quick and easy option for you or your trick-or-treater. You can find the directions and materials list here. More from Greta:

The hardest part was finding a plain, hooded sweatshirt that wasn’t $25 dollars. In the end, I used a garage sale sweatshirt that had writing on it. I just turned it inside out. I also had to cut off the pocket and cut the sleeves shorter because the sweatshirt needs to be a couple sizes too big.

After I cut the bottom of the sweatshirt into strips, I used fabric glue to attach the sides of each “tentacle” together, making 6 all together. The sleeves made the other two. The directions suggest duct tape for this, but I found fabric glue to be easier.

They also suggested round, white stickers for the suctions cups, (the kind found in an office supply store, but I didn’t think those would stay on. Instead, I cut circles from white felt and used that trusty fabric glue to attach them.

You can see here that I also used white felt and black felt to make the eyes. I added blue rick rack to the front just for decoration and Lilly wore a pair of striped leggings. In all, the costume probably too under an hour to make.

Halloween Jellyfish

How cute and easy is this it to make a Halloween jellyfish come to life! Almost the Real Thing shared a step-by-step instruction to help craft a jellyfish costume that lights up! So, if you have time to add something a little fancy, consider LED lighting to make your jellyfish stand out!

Halloween Backyard Surprise

If you’ve got too much going to leave the house for any part of your costume, look to your backyard for a surprise costume. See what you’ve got and become it!
Do you have a taco float? You can be a Halloween taco!

Do you have bacon and eggs floats? You can be breakfast!

Do you have a beer float? You can be a mug of beer!

Whatever you decide, however you dress up, we’d love to see your Halloween costume pictures! If they’re water or swimming inspired, even better!


Wishing you a safe, happy, spooktacular, terrorific Halloween!


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