Swim Your Way to Good Health

Swim Your Way to Good Health

There is certainly no shortage of outdoor activities to keep active and fit here in Austin, however, with the hottest month of the year approaching, it is getting difficult to enjoy many of those activities. There is one outdoor workout that will keep you physically fit and can be enjoyable in this heat – swimming!
Here are four reasons why swimming is the perfect workout:



Swimming is a perfect workout for people of all sizes as it is easy on the joints and an effective way to burn fat. A 300-pound person will burn about 470 calories in 30 minutes of moderate lap swimming. Doing this five days a week, even with no dietary changes, will burn about half a pound of fat.



Forget the expensive gym memberships. While not everyone has an inground pool in their backyard, finding one to use doesn’t have to break the bank. There are many public pools available with low entrance fee, as well as local organizations such as the YMCA for little to no cost.



Swimming is a wonderful activity for both kids and adults. By making it a family affair, the kids can have a great time while you get in a workout. Additionally, you will set a great example of health and fitness for your children. Encourage them to swim laps, have races, dive for rings, or toss around a ball.



Regular exercise has been shown to prolong one’s life. Aerobic exercise promotes oxygen delivery to the muscles, which prevents inflammation, reduces the risk of heart disease, blood pressure, and diabetes. Additionally, knowing how to swim will reduce your own risk of drowning and allow you to maybe save someone else’s life one day.
If you are interested in having your own backyard in ground pool, let Crystal Clear Pools & Spas give you a free quote and you will be swimming your way to good health in no time!

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