6 Ideas for Staycation Fun!

6 Ideas for Staycation Fun!

Spring Break is just around the corner, spring has arrived (although some days are warmer than others, so why not plan a staycation that will show your family how much fun can be had at home and around town.

Here are 6 ideas for staycation fun that will leave your family wanting more:


#1: Decompress with a Spa Relaxation Pool Experience

Life has been hectic and you finally have time off. You and your family need a staycation in the worst way. No travel, no hassles, just relaxation and fun.

Start by getting you and maybe your family into a calm, relaxed, present focused state. Create ambience with this 3-hour playlist for relaxing by the pool. Add a beverage, a book, and a chair, if that’s what puts you into a relaxed mindset. Maybe you want to try something different in your pool since you usually float, play, and swim. Take it a step further with an abbreviated version of Watsu Water Renewal Therapy, a great way to connect one on with with members of your family. Before you finish with your relaxation reset, take the time to be present focused. Look around your beautiful backyard. Inhale the scent of the grass and the flowers. Listen to the sounds of your swimming pool, the chirping of the birds, and the rustling of leaves by the wind. Take a deep breath and enjoy the moment.


#2 Move into Staycation Fun Mode with New Pool Toys

Now that you’re relaxed and present, it’s time to stack the deck with new ways to have fun in your swimming pool. Check out the 15 best toys for pool fun that will be perfect for your staycation, whether it’s Spring Break, spring, summer, fall, or any of the other many days Austin and Central Texas allow for fun in the swimming pool.


#3 Continue with Staycation Fun by Discovering New Pool Games

Pool toys can provide hours of fun but the addition of new games means more of the family can participate and enjoy hours of staycation fun in your swimming pool. Here’s a great list of 17 Swimming Pool Games for Kids to help you get the family into game mode in your swimming pool.


#4 Experiment by Creating a Mouthwatering Staycation Dinner

Chances are, you use your grill to make the same things during the spring and summer months. Why not try something new for your staycation?

Step 1: narrow down this list of 58 Best Grilling Recipes to 5 that will work for your family tastes

Step 2: create ballots with the 5 options

Step 3: have each family member rank the 5 options

Step 4: pick the top one for your family’s official staycation new dinner


#5 Create a Staycation Signature Cocktail Taste Test

It’s the little things that make staying home for vacation extra special. Now that you’ve got a dinner that you’ll always remember as discovering during STAYCATION 2018 (or whatever you decide to call it), now it’s time to craft a staycation cocktail. This may be a cocktail for adults-only or it may be a mocktail for all. Whichever it is, it will be the new beverage created for this special staycation. Here’s a great list of 9 refreshing mocktails for you to choose from. Create a taste test for the three most likely to win. Crown the winning drink your STAYCATION 2018 COCKTAIL that will remind you of this fun staycation for years to come.


#6: Take Advantage of Activities Around Austin

You’ve had a blast at home in your swimming pool, around your swimming pool, experimenting with food and drinks, but you want to get out of the house a little. Austin360 has put together a fantastic list of activities happening in and around Austin this month. You could be busy every day with more than one of these great ideas on their blog post:

Plan ahead for family fun in Austin in March, especially for spring break

No matter how you spend your staycation, Crystal Clear Pools and Spas hopes you enjoy being together with your family and friends. Let us know which of the above you try and how it goes. We want to hear!


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