Preparing Your Pool For a Storm

Preparing Your Pool For a Storm

Austin is nothing short of unpredictable. One minute we are complaining of the record heat, and the next minute we are in the middle of an unexpected flash-flood. Did you know that Texas ranks near the top of the nation in weather-related property damage each year? At Crystal Clear Pools & Spas, we want to make sure your pool and spa is prepared for the next big storm.

Should I Drain My Pool Before a Big Storm?

It’s understandable to be concerned of overflow and potential flooding of your pool when expecting a huge rainstorm. However, a properly installed pool will come equipped with an overflow system that will drain excess water. If you want to slightly empty the water level, be certain to lower it no more than two feet, otherwise, the hydrostatic pressure can be too strong, possibly causing the pool to ‘pop’ out of the ground.

Should I Turn off the Power to the Pool Equipment?

In short – Yes. More specifically, storms most often damage pool pumps and motors, so it’s important to turn off the circuit breaker to the pump, motor, lights, etc. In fact, it’s often best to completely remove the motor and ensure it’s securely placed away from the storm.

Should I Bring In My Pool Equipment?

Not only will severe weather damage your pool equipment, but more importantly, your pool equipment can damage your property. Objects that can get swept up in the wind, such as toys, gardening equipment, and pool equipment and cause damage to your windows or even your neighbors home.

The Storm Has Passed – Now What?

After the storm it is important to do some cleanup before getting back into your pool. Check out our blog post When it Rains Cats & Dogs for a complete comprehensive list of storm clean up procedures. Most importantly, call Crystal Clean Pools & Spas and we will come out and clean your pool, balance the chemicals, and assess the electrical system.

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