5 Swimming Pool Finish Options (not including plaster)

5 Swimming Pool Finish Options (not including plaster)


Move overplaster: Pebblescolors and glow-in-the-dark glass are making waves on the pool finish scene

Long gone are the days when plaster was the only pool finish you could get. While plaster has its benefitsnew technology has given pool owners a wide variety of other choices. An abundant number of aggregate finishes and glass tiles gives homeowners more options with distinctive looks and an endless array of customizable features.

Upfrontthese new finishes may be more expensive than plasterbut their longevity and style can outweigh price concerns. Read on to learn about the pros and cons of each of these finishesand discover which one is right for your pool.



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Pebble Tec is made of naturalpolished pebbles that create a bumpy texture and a nonslip surface. There are 18 color options to choose fromand it also can be custom made to a homeowner’s preference.

This Pebble Tec finish creates the look of a naturalsandy beach entry and blends in with the landscape’s native boulders and grasses.


○Long-lastingresilient finish (15 to 20 years)

○More natural looking than plaster

○Color options give homeowners a variety of looks

○Stain resistant

○Nonslip finish

○Low maintenance


○More expensive than plaster

○Needs to be installed by licensedtrained experts

○Non-slip finish can be rough on feet if not installed correctly

○Scale (calcium or mineral buildup) can be a concern


Finishes 2: Omega PoolsLLC

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Pebble Sheen has 16 brilliant color options. Some include small seashell pieces to add glitter and sparkle to the finish. Pebble Sheen incorporates the same technology as Pebble Tecbut uses smaller pebbles for a slicker finish.


Finishes 3: TaC studiosarchitects

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This pool interior has the Aqua Blue Pebble Sheen finish.

Pebble Finaanother product of Pebble Tec’s technologyincorporates the ancient Greek and Roman use of pozzolans (cement additives) into the cement mixyielding a strongdurable finish that resists etching.


Finishes 4: Bead Crete ‘Caribbean Blue’

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BeadCrete pool surfacing is made up of solid glass beads that are locked carefully into a polymer-modified cement. This adds a three-dimensional effect to the finish.


○Creates a smooth finish for your feet

○Glass beads capture light brilliantly

○Highly stain resistant

○Low maintenance

○Long lasting (15 to 20 years)


○Very expensive

○Requires highly skilled installers

○Longer installation time


Finishes 5: Famosa – The Surface Studio

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Glass tile is a luxurious pool finish choice. While the initial investment of anywhere from $75 to $100 per square foot (installed) is a jaw dropperglass tile surfaces can last almost indefinitely if maintained properly.


○Endless variety of design possibilities

○Longest lasting of all pool finishes

○A shimmering and luxurious effect


○Depending on the glass tile and pattern chosencan be the most expensive of all finishes

○Requires an experienced tile setter educated in the specific requirements to install glass tile properly

○Long installation time


Finishes 6: Sutton Suzuki Architects

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