Pool Construction 101

Pool Construction 101

If you’re considering putting a pool in your backyard, you may have wondered what it takes to make it happen. To help you understand, we put together a post about the ins and outs of pool construction. In other words, Pool Construction 101. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about building a backyard swimming pool:


What are the first steps in the process?


First, a Crystal Clear Pools and Spas pool specialist will meet with you to learn about your dream pool. Then, the specialist will turn your pool desires into a design that works with your space and budget. Once we have finalized the design, we will acquire the appropriate permit allowing us to begin construction.


When can construction begin?


Once we have the permit, excavation can begin! With the use of an excavator, we dig the hole in which you will soon swim and lounge. Then, we install steel rods and spacers so your pool has a strong foundation. Then, we put your pool equipment, plumbing and electrical in place. Next comes the very exciting moment when we pour the concrete to form the shell of your pool.


What are the final steps?


Now the fun really begins! We make your pool beautiful by adding water features and boulders (if desired), tile and plaster. We also add the coping, which is the cap for the edge of the pool. Your pool is now ready for water, chemicals and a mechanical start-up. Excitingly, the final step is an orientation so you know how to care for your pool.


What kind of swimming pool surface is best for taking a beating from the Texas summertime sun?


We prefer Micro Fusion or Pebble Sheen finishes for longevity. They are very durable and provide a chemical resilient surface that will provide years of enjoyment.


What safety features should I consider?


First and foremost, make sure that all of your children and dogs can swim. Consider fences for liability and door and window alarms to let you know when someone has gone into the backyard. We offer a full line of safety covers that can be controlled manually or automatically.


What is the most eco-friendly way to build a pool?


Jandy offers a full line of variable speed pumps, cartridge filtration and heat pumps. You might also consider Ozone or UV as a supplementary sanitation device. These devices can help you achieve cleaner pool water without excessive amounts of chlorine. You can read more about the eco-friendly products we offer here.


Now that you have graduated from Pool Construction 101, give us a call with any additional questions or to set up your consultation and let the fun begin!


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