Pool Care After Spring Rain Showers

Pool Care After Spring Rain Showers

Austin and Central Texas have seen rain off and on throughout the last few months and it looks like we’re going to continue to have rain on and off for the next few weeks. As you’ve likely noticed, rainwater clouds pool water. There are several steps you can take after a spring rain shower to help get your pool ready for swimming.


#1: Adjust Pool Water Level

Added rain can increase the water in your swimming pool. Drain any additional water to bring the water level back down to the center of the top tile or skimmer throat. Note: If you have a working swimming pool overflow line then you get to skip this step.


#2: Check Circulation and Filtration

It is particularly important that check your circulatory system and make sure that the water is flowing smoothly through your equipment and back to your swimming pool. To do this, make sure your skimmer baskets are clean, that your filter pump basket is clear of debris, and check your filter pressure to make sure it is not higher than normal. (If your filter pressure is high, backwash it and add DE if necessary.)


#3: Test Chlorine and pH

After you’ve made certain that your pool equipment is in good working order, test your chemicals. The pH is likely to have been impacted by the rains. It is important that the pH be close to 7.4 or 7.5 to ensure that your chlorine is effective because pH of rainwater could be 8.0 or higher, rendering your chlorine ineffective. Specifically, a pH of 8.0 will make 90% of your free chlorine useless at fighting algae and clearing your pool water. If your pH is high, add acid to lower the pH and get your chlorine doing its job again. Also, make sure you have enough free chlorine working in the water. Industry standard is 2-4 ppm minimum. If your swimming pool water is really cloudy you may need to shock or super chlorinate to “zap” or oxidize the algae starting to form in the water. This may be time to call Crystal Clear Pools and Spas. Note: You will need to have your TA between 80-120 for your pH to be stabilized.


#4: Run Pool Equipment

Once your pool circulation, filtration, and chemistry are back in working order, you should be able to clear your pool water by running your equipment.

It is important to note that the time for your filter to clear the water will depend significantly on the type of filter that you have.

  • DE Filter: If you have a DE filter it could be a matter of hours (1-4 micron filtration).
  • Cartridge Filter: If you have a cartridge filter it could be a couple of days (12-18 micron filtration).
  • Sand Filter: If you have a sand filter it can be several more days (20-30 micron filtration).

If you think your equipment is not working properly or your pool water has been cloudy for too long, Crystal Clear Pools and Spas is just a phone call away at (512) 339-9304.


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