Celebrate National Water Safety Month With 6 Pool Safety Tips

Celebrate National Water Safety Month With 6 Pool Safety Tips

The month of May marks the beginning of swimming season. Yes, it’s finally time for trips to the beach, waterparks, pool parties and poolside barbecues! This also makes May the perfect time to brush up on water safety tips. This is why it has been declared National Water Safety Month. In celebration of National Water Safety Month, consider these 6 pool safety tips from Pool Safely for staying safe in and around your pool this summer.

1. Never Leave Children in or Around a Pool Without Supervision

Never leave children unattended while they’re in or around a pool. A great rule of thumb is to always designate at least one adult as the Water Watcher. The Water Watcher cannot be distracted from watching the children while they are in and around the pool. This means no reading, texting or browsing the internet. Even if there’s a lifeguard on duty, you should still have a designated Water Watcher in your party at all times.

2. Make Sure Your Children Know How to Swim

Sign your children up for some proper swimming lessons. Whether they take swimming lessons at a local country club, YMCA or JCC, the lessons will be fun and could save lives.

3. Teach Children About the Dangers of Drains

Children must know not to play or swim near drains or suction outlets. Do not let them enter a pool with a missing or faulty drain cover as this can be a serious drowning hazard. Hair, jewelry, limbs or clothing could get stuck in the drain. Also, before entering a spa, make sure you know where the emergency vacuum shutoff is.

4. Only Swim in Pools and Spas with Compliant Drain Covers

Ensure that your pool’s drain cover or the drain cover in any pool that you or your children swim in is compliant with the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act.

5. Install Pool Fences, Covers and Alarms

Make sure your pool is inaccessible to children. Have a four foot or higher fence installed around your pool or spa. As an extra precautionary measure, install an alarm that goes off if the door from the house to the pool area is opened. Pool and spa covers are yet another safety feature to consider.

6. Become CPR Certified

Sign up for a CPR class that covers how to perform the life-saving technique on both adults and children. Courses can be found by contacting the American Red Cross and are generally available at most hospitals and community centers. It won’t take more than a couple hours, and it certainly can save lives. And once you’re certified, don’t forget to keep your certification current.


In honor of National Water Safety Month, we wanted to make sure you’re ready to enjoy your pool safely this summer. Keep these 6 pool safety tips in mind to prevent disaster from striking. Now, have a fabulous summer swimming to your heart’s content! Head on over to Pool Safely for more information and to take the Pledge.


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