National Water Safety Month: Focusing on Pool Water Competency

National Water Safety Month: Focusing on Pool Water Competency

Now that we’re in the groove of replacing beach trips for backyard trips, we’re focusing this month on pool water competency as we celebrate National Water Safety Month. We love our customers, their pools and most importantly, their safety and want to do everything we can to ensure that pool safety is a priority. Here are the highlights of pool water competency from Pool Safely and how it can help keep you safe and having fun in and around your pool.


What is pool water competency?

Pool water competency is being able to anticipate, avoid, and survive common drowning situations, as well as recognizing and helping those who may be in need. It includes water skills, water smarts and helping others.


How can I improve my water skills?

While we’re all at home, now is the perfect time to either teach your kids to learn how to swim or even learn yourselves! When kids lack strong swimming skills, drowning / close calls may be eight times more likely. To prevent any accidents, use this time to teach and learn new swimming skills and take advantage of your time in the sun.

How can I improve my water smarts?

Wear life jackets during key moments, like when teaching young kids how to swim and make sure that all surrounding areas are clear. Additionally, all parents should make sure to stop any horseplay around the pool!

How can I help others?

Swimming alone is not only boring but it’s also unsafe. Everyone, especially kids, should be swimming with supervision. For those that know CPR, great! If not, make sure to always supervise when kids are swimming. And, we encourage you to take a Red Cross Virtual CPR Class.Adult, Child And Baby First Aid/CPR Classes are only $32 right now!

Why is pool water competency important?

For our amazing customers who love and enjoy their pools, being aware of your surroundings and being able to help those who may be in trouble is key. Pool water competency helps with making sure that everyone is having fun!

Check out our blog from last year, 6 Pool Safety Tips, for more water safety tips!




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