Tips on How to Cool Your Pool

Tips on How to Cool Your Pool

It’s hot out there! This means that your dip in the pool may not be cooling you off as much as you need it to. So, how do you cool your pool? Here are some tips from the experts at Crystal Clear Pools so your pool will be cool, both in temperature and in fun.

Tip #1: Install a Fountain or Waterfall

This is our favorite tip of all because it’s a beautiful enhancement to your backyard swimming pool. Fountains and waterfalls keep pools cool because they circulate the water. Note: using a water feature to cool your pool is most effective when run at night, when temps are cooler. If this tip turns out to be your favorite, too, you’re in the right place because we help with that. We love making backyard dreams come true!

Tip #2: Just Add Ice

There’s the phrase, “just add water” which means something is pretty easy. We’re penning the phrase, “just add ice” because this tip is difficult. That said, it works! You can successfully cool your pool by adding ice. But, beware of how much ice you’ll need. An estimate we found said that you can decrease the temperature 5 degrees in a 10,000 gallon pool using 2,187.5 pounds of ice.

Tip #3: Pare Down Your Landscaping

If you have plants, shrubs, or trees blocking your swimming pool, they may be cutting off air circulation that helps cool your pool. It pains us to recommend removing anything green and beautiful from your outdoor oasis, but, it could make a big difference.

We hope these tips help you cool your pool during these crazy 100+ temps. And, remember, we install fountains and waterfalls!



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