How to Care for Your Pool When It’s Freezing Outside

How to Care for Your Pool When It’s Freezing Outside


Austin and Central Texas have been struck by crazy cold temperatures most recently and, for those of you who think our winter came and went, we’re sorry to let you know that freezing temperatures are just around the corner. It’s critical that you take care of your swimming pool when it’s freezing outside so Crystal Clear Pools and Spas put together a list of things to do so your swimming pool is protected when the weather dips below freezing. We want to help you avoid spending your hard earned money in pool repairs – we want to help you save your money so you can invest in pool renovations, pool toys, water features, and anything else you need to make your backyard dreams come true.


Keep Your Pool Pump Running Continuously

Water that is moving won’t freeze. It’s only when your swimming pool water is standing still that your pool will be in danger of freezing. Just as it’s recommended that you turn on a faucet in your home with a constant drip so that your pipes don’t freeze, your swimming pool has the same needs. So, keep the pump going at all times.


Care for Your Skimmer

Should you end up with ice on your pool, be certain to break it up so that your skimmer will be free from ice. If you’re concerned about this, pull your skimmer out of the water in advance of freezing temperatures.


Check Your Water Levels

If your pool water level falls too low, your pump will bring in air through your skimmers, increasing the possibility that there will be damage to your swimming pool equipment. Be certain to maintain your pool water level, even though it’s a very cold time to be outside.


Call In the Experts

Your pool is an important part of your home. If it freezes, if any related component freezes, the results could be costly. That’s why sometimes the best thing to do is to call Crystal Clear Pools and Spas at (512) 339-9304. We’ll assess your pool’s vulnerability to having issues during winter freezes and ensure that you get to enjoy cozying up to a warm fire when the temperature dips.

When freezing temperatures are in the forecast, don’t forget to take care of your swimming pool. Unfortunately, you’ll be paying for it in the coming months if you don’t make time for it. And, at Crystal Clear Pools and Spas, we want your swimming pool to be all about fun!


About Crystal Clear Pools and Spas

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