How a Spa Benefits Your Health

How a Spa Benefits Your Health

Are you considering installing a spa with your in-ground pool? Many people are unaware of the many benefits a spa pool can provide. For centuries, people have used heat and water as a healing remedy, however, even after years of study, physicians and therapists are only beginning to understand the mental and physical benefits that warm water hydrotherapy can provide. Here are just some of the benefits of owning a backyard spa:

Pain Relief: Warm water stimulates the release of endorphins in the brain, which can reduce tension and alleviate pain. It also increases blood flow, which helps to heal damaged cells.

Stress Relief: After a stressful day, there is no better remedy than escaping into your own backyard spa. The buoyancy reduces body weight relieving pressure on joints, which will allow the body to enjoy a full state of relaxation.

Better Sleep: Studies have shown that spending ten minutes in a spa pool before bed will help your body and mind to transition into sleep. In addition to the stress and pain relief previously mentioned, the shift in temperature can signal to your body that it’s time to sleep. This will not only help to fall asleep more quickly, but to also stay asleep.

Lowers Blood Pressure: In addition to simply feeling more relaxed, there is a more scientific reason why spending time in a spa can reduce your blood pressure. The heart is constantly working to keep your body’s temperature warm. Once the hot water raises the core temperature, the heart doesn’t have to work as hard, therefore lowering the blood pressure.

Year Round Use: A spa can be used year-round, and in fact is most commonly used in the winter. Often times colder weather can exacerbate joint pain making the heat therapy even more necessary. Additionally, some people experience a higher rate of depression in the winter months, and the endorphins released with hydrotherapy can help to improve those symptoms.
If you are ready to take advantage of the many health benefits of owning a backyard spa, contact Crystal Clear Pools & Spas in Austin, TX to see our spa gallery, and ask how we can customize a spa just for you.

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