Fall Swimming Pool Care

Fall Swimming Pool Care

It’s mid-November and fall has arrived in Austin and Central Texas. For much of the country, temperatures are dropping rapidly as the approaching winter months force us to trade our swimsuits for leggings and sweatpants, and put a halt on our outdoor water activities. However, just because we aren’t enjoying lemonade and sunshine by the pool, doesn’t mean we can neglect the important maintenance and upkeep of our valuable swimming pools.

In order to avoid damage to your pool during the off season, here are a few basic seasonal pool maintenance and winterization tips that will keep your pool running smoothly so that there are no hiccups when it’s time to dive back into your beautiful backyard swimming pool!


Seasonal Pool Care Tips

  • Clear Debris – Debris build-up in your skimmers and filters can cause stress on the pool’s pump, drive up energy costs and cause damage to your pool’s cleaning systems
  • Keep Normal Water Levels – Low water levels, even when unused, can cause stress on the pool’s cleaning systems, especially when freezing.
  • Minimize Operation – A good rule of thumb for pool maintenance during fall / winter is “minimal use = minimal operation”. Turn off all water features as soon as temperatures drop below your comfort zone to avoid damage during freezing temperatures.
  • Backwash and Clean Filters – This should be done before temperatures drop too low to avoid freezing of internal components. Make sure non-petroleum based lubricants are used where necessary.
  • Test, Chlorinate, Shock – Treat your pool’s chemical needs as if you are swimming every week. Getting behind on your pool’s chemical schedule can lead to cosmetic damage, unwanted organic growth and staining during the winter months.
  • Move the Water – Circulating your pool’s water during the coldest times of the day can help cut down on potential freezing hazards.



Winterization is essential in caring for your pool. Not only will you avoid potential damage caused by debris and freezing temperatures, you can actually increase the life-span of your pool, and rest assured that your pool will be running smoothly and ready for next summer!


Many of the steps outlined above can be performed by you, the pool owner. However, there is no replacement for the advice and maintenance supervision of a professional. Don’t let your pool maintenance duties slip just because you aren’t using your pool. Contact the experts at Crystal Clear Pools and Spas if you have any winterization questions or want to schedule seasonal pool maintenance visits to ensure that the health of your pool is maintained this winter.

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