Dive In Movie

Dive In Movie

We are always looking for an excuse to start using our Crystal Clear Pool, and now that the nights here in Austin are getting warmer, we are ready to take our fun outdoors. First, we made sure our pool was running smoothly, and once the rain subsided, we were ready to turn our pool into a Dive-In Movie.


Grab a projector, a projection screen, and some floaties – and suddenly you have the coolest backyard on the block. Not only can you enjoy your favorite flick under the stars, but you can also set up a slide-show for the grandparents, or play music videos for your teenager’s party – the options are as endless as your infinity pool.

Is your pool ready to ‘Dive In’? Let the experts at Crystal Clear Pool get it in top form with a full maintenance service. The summer nights are calling you– call us now!

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