Common Pool Renovation Reasons

Common Pool Renovation Reasons

Are you thinking about renovating your pool? Crystal Clear Pools in Austin specializes in Inground Pool Renovations, and so we often get asked what renovations are most common. While it also depends on the pool owner’s personal preferences, budget, and needs – here are the most common reasons for pool renovations:


Depth Renovation:

Often times when a customer wants to change the depth of their existing pool, it’s because they have recently purchased the home and it doesn’t fit in with their individual needs. Perhaps the pool is too shallow, and the owners prefer having a diving board or slide, and need more depth. Conversely, the pool can be too deep and the owner wants to use the pool predominantly for exercise or for younger kids.


Change in Size:

As with depth renovation, requests for increasing or decreasing the size of a pool is typically the result of a new homeowner having a different vision or needs than the previous owner. However, sometimes the original homeowner changes their mind after using the pool for several years, and decides on a smaller pool in order to make room for a patio or a play area.


Aesthetics and Ambiance:

Not all renovations are large projects, some simply add to the overall look and feel of the pool. Lighting additions or adjustments are common to not only add elegance to your pool, but also for safe night swimming during warm Austin evenings. Another common aesthetic renovation is to change the decking around the pool or resurface the existing decking.

No matter how big or small your in ground pool renovation is – Crystal Clear Pools and Spas will exceed your expectations in quality, expertise, price, and customer service. Give us a call today to see how you can turn your pool into your personalized paradise.

Your swimming pool should bring you relaxation.

Your swimming pool should bring you joy.

Your swimming pool should bring on the fun.

For many people, their swimming pool is more guilt than relaxing, joyful, or fun.

They feel guilt because they know they should skim the pool or check the chemicals or figure out how to fix their pool pumps.

The only kind of guilt pool owners have about their pools once they’ve hired Crystal Clear Pools and Spas is knowing it’s their guilty pleasure.

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