Christian Donovan’s Guide to Caring For Your Pool When the Leaves are Falling Down

Christian Donovan’s Guide to Caring For Your Pool When the Leaves are Falling Down

Caring for your pool has a seasonal component. Every season brings changes that impact backyard swimming pools. In the winter, we pay special to attention to ensure that our pool equipment doesn’t freeze; during the spring, we focus on opening our pools so they’re ready for swimming; over the summer, we have to keep an eye on water levels; and, during the fall, we need a plan for dealing with the leaves. With the rains we have had this year, many of our trees have beautiful canopies of valuable shade coverage for our backyards. Unfortunately, as the seasons change, those leaves will eventually have to fall.

Christian Donovan, Crystal Clear Pools and Spas’ pool care expert, sat down with us to share 4 tips for caring for your pool when the leaves are falling down:


Tip #1: Cover Your Swimming Pool

Mesh safety covers are the best way to keep leaves out of your pool, especially if you have a substantial tree canopy over your pool. If you’d like to add a cover to your swimming pool, the Crystal Clear Pools and Spas team can install a seasonal safety cover for you – estimators are happy to come to your home, assess your swimming pool cover needs, and offer you options. Call us at (512) 339-9304 to schedule an appointment for a free estimate.

Tip #2: Make Sure You Are Caring For Your Pool Every Day

If covering the pool is not an option, or for folks who are still swimming or using their spa, daily maintenance will be required when the leaves are falling fast to keep your pool clear and blue. Leaves and other organic debris can quickly overwhelm normal chemical levels and turn your pool into a very large cup of tea. While this can usually be treated, if you let it go for too long, this can (in extreme cases) require draining the pool. You can avoid this time consuming measure by frequently emptying your skimmer baskets and cleaner traps/bags, netting the leaves from the water surface and pool bottom, and operating automatic cleaners if your pool is equipped with one.

Tip #3: Watch Your Water Chemistry

When your swimming pool is consumed by leaves, it is also necessary to adjust the water chemistry balance and shock your pool more frequently to combat the tannins left behind from the leaves and other tree debris in order keep the water clear and blue. Some pools have so much debris in them from the trees that they require daily treatment.

Tip #4: Call in the Experts

Your swimming pool should be relaxing, fun, and full of enjoyment. If you have questions about caring for your pool or would like to call in the experts so we can do the work for you, we’d love to talk to you. Call us at (512) 339-9304.


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