Best Skim Techniques for Fallen Leaves

skimming leaves from pool

Best Skim Techniques for Fallen Leaves

Falling Leaves

In Central Texas, leaves are falling late into December. When the leaves change from green to bright red, yellow, and orange, they’re beautiful to look at and take photos of. When those leaves start falling off the trees into your pool — they’re no longer so beautiful. Here are the best skim techniques, from Crystal Clear Pool & Spas, to make sure your pool stays free and clear of fallen leaves.

Manual Pool Skimming

One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to remove leaves from your pool is through manual pool skimming. Simply grab a long-handled pool net and spend some time outdoors skimming leaves from the surface of your pool. While this can be quite a chore, it’s effective and can be a nice excuse to spend some time outside.

The best tool for manually skimming your pool is a telescoping pole with either a flat skimmer net or a net bag to catch leaves and other floating debris.

While hand-skimming is a great way to remove debris from the surface of your pool, it’s not quite enough. Even if done daily. Debris and leaves that sink to the bottom need to be removed with a pool vacuum.

Automatic Pool Skimming

Don’t feel like putting in the hard work to skim your pool? That’s ok, you can hire a robot to do it for you. There are several options when it comes to choosing the right automatic pool cleaner.

These pool vacuums run constantly removing debris such as leaves, grass clippings, bugs, hair, flowers, and dirt from the bottom of your pool. The best part: you don’t have to do anything except program it.

Crystal Clear Pool Maintenance Services

The most sure-fire way to ensure that your pool stays clean all fall long is to hire a pool cleaning service. Crystal Clear Pools helps keep pools clean year-round in the Greater Austin Area. We offer these pool maintenance services:

  • Vacuum and leaf-eat pool
  • Remove surface debris
  • Brush pool wall surfaces
  • Clean pool tile
  • Empty pool baskets

And, we don’t just offer pool-cleaning services. If you’re looking for support in maintaining a clean and healthy pool, you can give us a call at (512) 339-9304 to talk to a pool specialist.

Keeping Your Pool Clean All Fall Long

While all of these options are good, the best way to keep your pool clean of fallen leaves is to use a combination of these skimming techniques.

We recommend if you opt for our pool maintenance service to use a pool vacuum between services.

If you’re using a pool vacuum to remove debris on a regular basis, you’ll still want to keep a manual skimmer on hand for when you need to remove floating debris. If you get a large wind storm and are having people over the next day to hang by the pool, you might want to remove those leaves so that your pool looks its shiny best.

Using a combination of skimming techniques will make sure that your pool looks beautiful and stays clean.