9 Tips for Pool Maintenance in Unrelenting Texas Heat

9 Tips for Pool Maintenance in Unrelenting Texas Heat

Tip #1: Check Water Chemistry

Warmer water + swimmers means your water chemistry may fluctuate more than when the pool is not being used as much so… check and adjust your water chemistry more often!

Tip #2: Keep Your Pool Clean

Increased swimming pool use means that it’s essential that your pool is clean for all of your swimmers. It is important to brush the walls, steps and benches, and to vacuum or otherwise remove debris from the pool floor on a regular basis to prevent algae from getting a hold on the surface. Clean the pool regularly, or hire a service (like Crystal Clear Pool and Spas)!

Tip #3: Take Care of Your Filters

The heat of summer brings more fun in the sun and also more stuff moving around your swimming pool. Clean and backwash the filters when pressure builds or flow decreases to ensure your system is filtering and treating the water as it should.

Tip #4: Remove Oily Buildup

Sunscreen and other items make their way off of your swimmers and onto different parts of your swimming pool. Use an enzyme product to prevent oily buildup on your tile and in filters (sunscreen, personal care products).

Tip #5: Combat Fertilizer

When you have a beautiful swimming pool, you make sure your lawn is well cared for. As a result, fertilizers are something to be aware of. Use a phosphate control product to combat fertilizers than can run into your pool from the lawn, and provide food for algae.

Tip #6: Empty Your Pool Baskets

When the hot sun regularly evaporates water, it becomes essential to do everything possible to ensure proper water flow. Keep all skimmer and pump baskets emptied on a regular basis to keep water flowing properly through the system.

Tip #7: Inspect Your Equipment

Inspect your swimming pool equipment for normal operation regularly – like everything else outside, it is working harder in the summer to keep your pool crystal clear!

Tip #8: Check Your Water Level

More sun + more heat = more water evaporation. Check your water level frequently because you may  have to add water more often to keep up with evaporation. Believe it or not, Texas summers can cause up to 1/2 inch per day water loss – that’s no small matter!

Tip #9 Call in the Experts

There’s a lot to stay on top of for proper pool maintenance during the summer. Sometimes, the best course of action is to bring in the experts, like Crystal Clear Pools and Spas. Call us at (512) 339-9304 if you need help keeping everything working like it is meant to!


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