8 Spooky Swimming Pools for Halloween

8 Spooky Swimming Pools for Halloween

As we all know here in Central Texas, swimming pools aren’t just for swimming! They can provide the perfect backdrop to the perfect party and… with Halloween around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about how you’ll host the most spooktacular, terror-ific Halloween party in Austin!

Here are 8 spooky swimming pool décor ideas from In the Swim that will be certain to have your guests appreciate all of those special details that you put into creating just the right atmosphere for Halloween fun!

1). Pumpkins Galore

It’s time to harvest pumpkins in the garden or the multitude of pumpkins at the local pumpkin patch. Floating pumpkins in your pool is a really neat way to decorate the swimming pool. You can carve real pumpkins and place small candles inside so your designs can light up the pool. If you don’t want to use real pumpkins, your local craft store carries an array of plastic pumpkins that will look just as appealing.

2). Party Pool Dye

Swimming pool dye is a fun way to get into the Halloween mood. Whether you choose creepy red or goblin green, swimming pool dye is a terrific way to decorate. Party Pool dye is non-toxic and won’t stain your pool and in 3-5 days the color will filter out, and you’ll be back to a beautiful blue pool.

3). Bubbles and Candles

Add laundry soap and point your pool returns at the surface to create a foamy swimming pool. After the party, shock the pool to break up the foam, and run the filter. Decorate the swimming pool with candles to make a magical backyard that is perfect for an outdoor party.

4). Dry Ice

For Halloween this year, make a spooky swimming pool with dry ice or fog machines. A foggy atmosphere gives a spooky aurora to the yard. If you put dry ice in the pool, take safety precautions and make sure that no one is swimming. Touching dry ice can cause skin burns.

5). Plexiglass Pool Cover

If you want to expand your backyard and create a dance floor or dining area, you might consider having a party rental company install lighted plexiglass panels over the pool, or a stage over water for the band to play, or for a costume contest catwalk. Pricey, yes and a super creative way to transform your pool area into an incredible space for big events.

6). Spider webs, Tombstones and Skeletons

It’s time to dig out your go-to decorations in in the basement. Don’t be afraid to use the decorations you already have and spice them up with some new décor from the store. Spider webs are a classic decoration that can be placed in bushes and trees surrounding the pool. Get some tombstones and make a creepy scene in a corner.

7). Glowing Hands

Need some unique lighting ideas in your swimming pool? Get some latex gloves and put a glow stick in each of them. Inflate the gloves and tie them off, and set them afloat. At night it’s really creepy to see glowing, floating hands in the swimming pool.

8). Sound Effects/ Halloween Music

Music and sound effects are the perfect way to set the mood for the Halloween season. Sound effects might be good if you are not outside the entire time, otherwise the repetition might get a tad annoying to your guests. There are plenty of Halloween CDs out there for adults and kids that incorporate fun/creepy music. Or, make your own Halloween playlist!

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