8 Cool Swimming Pool Hanukkah Gifts

8 Cool Swimming Pool Hanukkah Gifts

First and foremost, Happy Hanukkah to all of our Jewish friends (and anyone else who lives for the 8 crazy nights)! In honor of the 8 NIGHTS OF HANUKKAH, we’ve created a list of 8 cool Hanukkah gifts for swimming pool lovers:

#1 Create a Fun Way to Lounge on a Donut Pool Float

(from American Eagle Outfitters)

Did you know that there’s a special relationship between oil and Hanukkah? The MIRACLE OF HANUKKAH is all about oil. After the bad guys destroyed the temple, there was a tiny amount of oil remaining to light the central place for Judaism’s religious worship. At best, it was expected to last for one day. Amazingly, it lasted for 8. Because of this, Hanukkah is a celebration of oil and this special miracle. To recognize the significance of the oil, latkes and donuts are eaten during Hanukkah. We can’t seem to locate a latke swimming pool float. But… there’s a donut float!! Get one today to make the miracle of Hanukkah a part of someone’s life all year through!

#2 Light Up Your Backyard with a Donut Pool Float Giant Lighted Star of David

(available for purchase from Christmas Central – no irony there!)

Give the gift of a beautiful Jewish star to enhance your pool area during this magical time of year. When you give this special item on the first day of Hanukkah, you’re sure to enjoy it for the remainder of the holiday season!

#3 Share a Gift For a Favorite Pup with a Menorah Hat Fit for a Dog

(sold on Amazon)

The Hanukkah menorah is an important symbol of the holiday, bringing us back to those 8 crazy nights since one candle is lit for each night of Hanukkah. It is the centerpiece of the Hanukkah celebration and is called a hanukkiah or menorah. This candelabra holds nine candles, eight candles symbolize the number of days that the Temple lantern blazed; the ninth, the shamash, is a helper candle used to light the others. Your favorite furry friend (or your friend’s furry friend) will appreciate this amazing gift that can be worn poolside all year long!

#4 Create an Outdoor Dreidel Experience with an 8-Foot Inflatable Dreidel

(may be purchased at Zion Judaica)

A backyard oasis should be a place to retreat to for fun and relaxation. Why not add to the Hanukkah celebration with a giant dreidel large enough for Judah and the Maccabees? For those who haven’t played dreidel with the traditionally sized dreidels, here’s a quick how-to from Lakeshore Learning:

Give each player 12 markers (e.g., candy pieces, raisins, or dried beans). Each player puts one marker into the pot, or center of the circle. One at a time, players take turns spinning the dreidel. During his turn, the player follows this code according to which side of the dreidel faces up after his spin:

(Nun)—player does nothing
(Gimel)—player takes all the markers in the pot
(Hei)—player takes half the markers in the pot
(Shin)—player adds a marker to the pot

When the pot is empty or has only one marker left, each player adds another marker to the pot. Play continues until one player has collected all the markers.

#5 Gift a Year of Service – Swimming Pool Service, That Is

(from Crystal Clear Pools and Spas)

If you haven’t brought in the big dogs yet, then there’s probably someone toiling away in your backyard cleaning your swimming pool, emptying the pool baskets, balancing the chemicals, skimming the leaves and debris, cleaning the pool tiles, and the list goes on and on. And on and on. Why not give them the special gift of having someone else take care of the “dirty work” of swimming pool maintenance? Call Crystal Clear Pools and Spas today at (512) 339-9304 to get an estimate for this special Hanukkah gift that will last all year through!

#6 Make the Miracle of Hanukkah Lights a Year-Round Experience with the Magic of Underwater LED Lighting

(Crystal Clear Pools and Spas will make this magical gift a reality)

Whether you choose a pure, vibrant white AmerBrite LED lamp or a brilliant color LED version with five distinct colors and seven dazzling light shows, you’ll add excitement and beauty to your backyard experience. Plus, the savings will really add up thanks to the extended service life and incredible energy efficiency that only AmerBrite replacement lamps provide. Give the gift of light shows to be appreciated and enjoyed during Hanukkah and all the year through!

#7 Give Your Spouse a Facelift… For Your Swimming Pool

(call Crystal Clear Pools and Spas at (512) 339-9304 for a FREE ESTIMATE)

Perhaps your backyard oasis has become a bit of a backyard dreary? Imagine what a swimming pool renovation gift for Hanukkah would give you and your family. Picture everyone enjoying the outdoor space in their own special way… and, as a family! You have this amazing space, but, if it doesn’t look and feel inviting, is it bumming you out? At Crystal Clear Pools and Spas, we pride ourselves on executing extraordinary swimming pool renovations. When you decide that your pool needs a facelift, we know this means that you’re ready for something transformational. And, we’re the ones to make it happen.

#8 Your Family Deserves a Hanukkah Miracle – a Brand New Backyard Swimming Pool

(call Crystal Clear Pools and Spas at (512) 339-9304 for a FREE ESTIMATE)

There is nothing more brutal than enduring the 100 degree temperatures in Central Texas without a cool place to dip or dive into. If your family is missing out on having a backyard oasis of their own, now is the time to surprise them with the miracle of a place to cool off, relax, and have fun in the summer. Make a Hanukkah miracle a reality for your family with a brand new backyard swimming pool. Crystal Clear Pools and Spas has the best team in Austin to make your dream pool a reality!

From the Crystal Clear Pools and Spas Family to Yours: Happy Hanukkah!

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