7 Reasons Why You Need a Swimming Pool

7 Reasons Why You Need a Swimming Pool

Austin and Central Texas have a lot of greats spots to cool off so you may be in the process of debating whether you really need a swimming pool in your backyard. Crystal Clear Pools and Spas loves making backyard dreams come true for the wonderful folks around town. Part of this includes constructing swimming pools that are enjoyed most of the year through.

Are you trying to decide whether you need a backyard swimming pool? Here are 7 reasons why a swimming pool is the ace in the hole gift for you and your family:

#1 It’s the Gift that Keeps on Giving!

There’s no shelf-life to this amazing gift. You and your family will enjoy your new paradise for 9+ months each year for many years to come!

#2 No Need to Leave Home.

You won’t have to get in and out of a hot car in order to be cooled off. You don’t need to brave Mopac, I-35, or any other not-so-fun way to get around Austin and Central Texas. So, no traffic, no gas burned, no stress, and no drama. You just get to stay home.

#3 You’ll Become the “Cool Friend”.

Swimming pools can be the focus of a party (with a great swimming theme) or adorned with awesome party items to enhance the ambience of your backyard parties. Either way, you’ll become a favorite party locale for friends and family.

#4 Beat the Heat.

Triple digit temperatures are no joke. It’s ridiculously hot in Austin and Central Texas. Unless you’re a hermit who stays in the air conditioning all of the time, it’s likely you’ll be outside. And, it’s going to be hot. Very hot. A swimming pool is the one way to embrace the heat and actually enjoy it.

#5 Togetherness!

Swimming pools provide a great place for your family to come together. No one will be getting lost in their electronics when they can be playing in or around the pool. There’s no better gift to bring your family together on a regular basis than a swimming pool.

#6 Rest and Relaxation.

A quick dip in your swimming pool goes a long way. After a stressful day, spending time in your pool will melt your cares away. And you’ll sleep better too!

#7 Stay Fit and Fabulous.

Studies show that swimming is an excellent full body workout. We know it’s tough to get to the gym to exercise so why not bring your exercise to your backyard? Your swimming pool will be the perfect place for you to go get in great shape!


About Crystal Clear Pools and Spas

If you’re not familiar with us yet, Crystal Clear Pools and Spas is the premier Austin and Central Texas pool company. We enable you to enjoy your backyard pool and spa, full of fun and free of hassles. We deliver the highest quality service in pool and spa maintenance, repairs, renovations, and construction.

We help create and maintain a backyard oasis certain to be your favorite living space. From fixing broken pool pumps to scrubbing pool tiles, we’re experts on keeping your pool looking and feeling great so that all you have to do is swim!

If you need some additional convincing about why you should call Crystal Clear Pools and Spas at (512) 339-9304 today, check out our amazing Backyard Dreams Photo Gallery and you’ll see the clear difference!



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