7 New Year’s Resolutions for 2018

7 New Year’s Resolutions for 2018


Christmas and Hanukkah have ended and New Year’s Eve is just around the corner. You’ve started making plans, figuring out how you’ll spend the final night of 2017. But, have you given thought to your New Year’s Resolutions just yet?

The New Year brings with it the opportunity for a fresh start, for renewal, and for a time to stop and consider what you’ll do to make 2018 your best year yet. When you start your list of resolutions, consider making your swimming pool a part of your plans for the year.

Your backyard oasis offers you wonderful opportunities to accomplish your goals – all you have to do is make your swimming pool and spa a part of your intentions for 2018. Here are 8 poolside resolutions to consider for 2018:

New Year’s Resolution #1: Exercise Regularly

Weight loss is the most common resolution. Have you thought about what that will look like? How you will fit exercise into your schedule? Remember, you’ve got a backyard swimming pool that can be the centerpiece of fulfilling your exercise plans. You can swim laps, tread water, use the water for resistance as you do exercises in the water. And, for those days when the pool is just a little too cool for immersion, why not do yoga or stretches in your backyard, by your swimming pool?

New Year’s Resolution #2: Spend Quality Time with Family and Friends

It’s easy to get caught up in the grind of life and not prioritize spending quality time with those people who are important to us. With your beautiful backyard swimming pool, you can easily create a gathering place for family and friends to hang out. You can grill poolside, play pool games, or float around together catching up on the day or week.

New Year’s Resolution #3: Play More

Your swimming pool offers a great opportunity to bring fun into your life by having fun in your beautiful backyard. Consider hosting a pool par-tay or a dive-in movie as cool, interesting unique ways to bring everyone together. Your pool can be the place friends, family, and YOU gather for fun!

New Year’s Resolution #4: Spend Time in Nature

You don’t have to go far to appreciate and connect with nature. Plan to lounge in your backyard regularly, taking time to notice the birds chirping, the squirrels bustling about. Take the time to truly stop and smell the roses.

New Year’s Resolution #5: Schedule Time for Rest

When was the last time you floated around in your swimming pool (on a float or buoyantly on your back), listened to soft music, and let the gentle movement of the water carry your worries away? 2017 was a tough year for most. You deserve the opportunity to rest in 2018. Why not do it while being rocked by the slowly moving water on your pool float? Make it happen!

New Year’s Resolution #6: Read More Books

It can be difficult to work in time for reading but this highly common New Year’s resolution is one that enriches the mind, offers perspective, and educates. Resolve to read more books this year and plan to do your reading outside by your beautiful swimming pool or while floating around.

New Year’s Resolution #7: Relax

Spending time in and around water soothes your body and mind. If you have a spa, take advantage of cooler Austin nights by letting the bubbles and warmth eliminate your stress and calm your mind. If you don’t have a spa, use your pool heater to create a more inviting pool temperature for relaxation in your swimming pool.

Your backyard should be your favorite living space. If you didn’t spend as much time outside in 2017 as you could have, consider why. If your backyard swimming pool needs a refresh, a facelift, a serious cleaning, or anything else, call Crystal Clear Pools and Spas at (512) 339-9304 today to revitalize and transform your swimming pool where needed.

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