6 Tips for Throwing the Ultimate Summer Pool Party

6 Tips for Throwing the Ultimate Summer Pool Party

If you’re that guy or gal with the beautiful, sparkling swimming pool in your backyard, then you really do owe it to your friends to start hosting some amazing pool parties. If you’re not sure where to begin or just need a little inspiration, here are 6 tips for throwing the ultimate summer pool party your guests will never forget. Your friends will thank you.

Make it a theme party

Start by choosing a theme for your party. While themes don’t seem like a necessity, they are lots of fun and really make your pool party stand out from the rest. Some theme examples could be Hawaiian luau, Tiki party, 80’s pool party or, if it’s a kids party, Spongebob or Finding Dory, whatever tickles your fancy. Definitely ask your guests to dress according to the theme. And, for any guests that “forget” to dress up, have some extra accessories for them to wear.


Of course, you will want your backyard to look nice, so make sure to have your grass mowed and your plants trimmed. Also, clear out the space to make room for your guests. Now here’s the fun part. Hit up Party City or Dollar Tree for some colorful decorations that go with your theme. You may want streamers, balloons, paper lanterns, tiki signs, or all of the above. Be sure to also make use of what you already have at home. For example, take that seashell collection you have lying around, and spread them out on the tables for a beach vibe.

Fill your pool with fun floats

This most likely goes without saying, but fun pool floats are definitely a necessity. Amazon has thousands to choose from, so you will have no problem finding floats to match your theme. From flamingos and mermaids to popsicles and pineapples, you can find literally anything you’re looking for. Your guests will enjoy sitting or lounging on these.

Don’t forget the games

You will need to have some games for your guests to play in and out of the pool. Marco Polo and cannonball competitions are always fun, but for something a bit more unique, you can try pool volleyball or water balloon dodge ball. Outside of the pool, set up any games you might already have like a ping-pong table, Cornhole or Jenga. There’s always beer pong as well if that floats your boat! If you want to make the party kid-friendly, you could also set up an arts and crafts station or a movie for after the pool festivities.

Provide light food and plenty of drinks

You of course have to feed your guests, but you might want to keep the food relatively light since people will be in the pool and in the hot sun. Grill some kabobs and pineapple slices. Make some guacamole, quinoa salad and finger sandwiches. Put out lots of refreshing fruit and some sweet treats, and you will be good to go! Keep your guests hydrated with cold beverages, like lemonade and fruity cocktails, but keep everyone safe by limiting the alcohol consumption.

Take pictures with underwater cameras

Be a little old school, and purchase some underwater cameras so that your guests can take some epic underwater selfies. Leave them on the tables and ask your guests to snap away. After the party, have all of the pictures printed, and then scan and send them to your guests. They will want to remember this ultimate summer pool party!

If you follow these tips, your backyard summer pool party will definitely be a blast. It’s pretty simple. Pick the right theme and games that you know your guests will love, set up a beautiful and refreshing spread of food and drink, and get all of the details like decorations and underwater cameras just right, and you’ve got the ultimate summer pool party on your hands. Enjoy!


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