5 Ways Swimming Does a Body Good

5 Ways Swimming Does a Body Good


You’ve most likely heard that swimming does a body good. But have you heard all the many reasons why? If your new year’s resolutions involve losing weight, reducing your stress levels and getting healthy, then try tackling them all with swimming! Here are 5 ways in which swimming does a body good.


1. You get a cardio and strength training workout


No need to have separate cardio and strength workout days! You can kill two birds with one stone while swimming. If you’ve ever tried swimming for 30 minutes non-stop, you know that your heart has to work extra hard to propel you through the water. And water provides enough resistance to give your muscles a killer strength workout as well. Swimming does a body good because it builds endurance AND strengthens muscles.

2. Swimming is low-impact


If you’ve ever tried running regularly, you may know how hard this can be on your joints. Swimming, on the other hand, provides a tremendous workout while going extremely easy on your body. Swimming is so low-impact that doctors recommend it for people with certain injuries or chronic health conditions such as arthritis.

3. Burns 200 – 800 calories an hour


You might think that such a low-impact workout would not burn too many calories. But this could not be further from the truth. The amount of calories you burn depends on many factors such as your weight and speed, but you can burn up to 800 calories an hour swimming.


4. Swimming is stress-relieving



Any form of workout can be uplifting and stress-relieving because it gets your endorphins going. But, swimming has an additional benefit that makes it even better at relieving stress. According to Shape Magazine, “Being submerged in water dulls the amount of sensory information that bombards your body, helping to bring on feelings of calm.” So, if one of your goals for this year is to reduce stress, swimming can help!

5. It strengthens your lungs


Each time you bring your head up to take a breath during swimming, you must breathe in quickly and deeply. This not only strengthens your respiratory muscles, but lowers resting heart rates and lowers blood pressure. Believe it or not, swimming strengthens your lungs more than running does!



Starting a regular swimming regimen is a great way to tackle so many of your new year’s resolutions. It can help you lose weight by burning calories and strengthening your body. It can lower your stress levels and lift your spirits. And, with its many health benefits, it can make you a healthier person overall. In 2020, start swimming regularly, and do your body good!



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