5 Reasons to Hire a Pool Professional

5 Reasons to Hire a Pool Professional

I take pride in knowing a little something about everything – I’m definitely a self-proclaimed “do it yourselfer”. However, there have been times when my pride got in the way, and I ended up trying to fix something that I had no business trying to fix. In the long run, my mistakes cost me much more than if I had hired a professional to do the job in the first place. We all know that owning a pool requires maintenance, and while you could tackle some of it yourself, here are five reasons why you should hire a professional instead:



Here in Austin, we are lucky to have many months of beautiful swimming weather. You should be spending that time swimming in your pool– not cleaning it. While cleaning a pool is something a “do it yourselfer” can do relatively easily, things like removing surface debris, vacuuming the bottom, and cleaning out skimmer and pump takes a lot of time, not to mention all of the trips you will need to take to the supply store.



Your pool professional is more than just a cleaning service – they are also equipment specialists and water chemists. Terms like pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness, dissolved solids, and cyanuric acid, are enough to make your head spin. At Crystal Clear Pools and Spa, our technicians are trained to balance the water chemicals so you don’t have to – no head spinning needed.



When you hire a professional, they are trained to notice issues early on. They can potentially detect and repair leaks, control system failures, motor and pump issues, and electrical problems before they turn into much bigger problems, which could save you a lot of money and headache in the long-run.



With weekly maintenance packages, you can rest assured that your pool is well cared for and swim-ready at all times. At Crystal Clear Pools in Austin, we consistently arrive at our appointed times, and you can always count on us to provide the same high level service with each visit. We will even leave you with a detailed door-hanger to let you know we were there.



The equipment used to maintain a pool is very sensitive and truly should be left to the professionals. Even though your “DIY Pride” wants to read the equipment manual and just figure it out, if you end up breaking something, you are on the hook for that repair. Whereas if something should go wrong when being serviced by a professional, you will have the peace of mind knowing that they will be liable instead.

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