5 DIY Pool Cleaning Tips – Removing Algae and Debris

5 DIY Pool Cleaning Tips – Removing Algae and Debris

We’ve all been there — distracted by the demands of life and daily grind, we sometimes let our swimming pool maintenance needs fall to the wayside. One day we look up, towel in hand, bathed in sunscreen, ready to take a dip in our crystal clear, refreshing swimming pool and let the stress roll off our back in beads of cool, clean water when suddenly — we notice our beautiful clean swimming pool has been taken over by dirt and algae looking for a place to party.


It happens.


Now, we aren’t going to scold you for ignoring your pool cleaning needs and preventative pool maintenance routine. We’re a pool cleaning and repair company — not your mom.


Instead, we would like to impart some DIY pool cleaning wisdom from years of experience as Austin’s premier pool cleaning service company, and help you get rid of that algae and debris in your pool so you can get back to swimming and relaxing.

DIY Cleaning Tip 1 – Scrub your swimming pool tile and walls


If you don’t have a brush handy (which you should), head down to your local pool cleaning supply and service company *ahem* and see what they have to offer. Once you get the brush in your hands, give your pool wall and that algae and debris what it deserves — a good, hard scrubbing.  The water might be cloudy, so go inside, take a nap and let it all settle to the bottom.

DIY Cleaning Tip 2 – Vacuum to waste using your pool’s pump


Remember that little cylindrical workhorse making all that noise down the hill? Yes — that’s your pool’s pump. Turn the main valve to waste and let it run. Your pools filter will be bypassed during this period, allowing debris and algae to spray out onto the ground. It is a good idea to keep a water hose in the pool to keep the water level at recommended levels.

DIY Cleaning Tip 3 – Check your pool’s chemical balance


Get an accurate reading of your pool’s chemical balance from your local Texas pool company if you are unsure how to perform this on your own. Without an accurate reading of your pool’s chemical balance, you could end up using too much or too little chemical treatment to kill unwanted algae.

DIY Cleaning Tip 4 –   Add shock and algaecide


This is the most satisfying step — killing that nasty, slimy algae. Sprinkle shock evenly across your pool based on the reading from your chemical tests. Do not do this without the recommendation of a pool cleaning service professional as using too much pool chemical can be hazardous. Let the shock do it’s thing for about 24 hours, then come back with round two — algaecide.

DIY Cleaning Tip 5 – Maintain your pool’s health


Put down the brush and go get an automatic pool vacuum from your local swimming pool service supply store. Let it run when you are not swimming in the pool. Using this little gadget, in conjunction with a weekly pool care routine and ideal chemical balance will keep your pool crystal clear year round.


Of course you could save the hassle of doing this yourself by hiring an affordable Austin Texas pool cleaning service professional to visit your swimming pool perodically and do the hard stuff for you.  We might know a guy — give us a shout.


Do you have any pool cleaning tips to share? We would love to talk about it. Leave us a comment below, email us or like Crystal Clear Pools and Spas on Facebook for pro pool cleaning tips, awesome before and after photos of pool repair and renovation, or just to ask about pricing and services.


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